Friday, December 17, 2010

gluten-free pizza at spinatos! it's like I'm normal!

How awesome is it that we found not only a great pizza joint by us that has gluten-free pizza, but that *they deliver* too?! It's like Christmas and a presidential pardon happening on the same day.  Plus, we met the owner and he was a cool dude in shorts (who says people have actually hugged him in response to the dough in question).  This is a total Win and a major Score in the same move- it's like a Scin...or a Wore...hmm I see why we haven't collectively gone there....I'll just rewind way back and go with Rad.  This is Rad!

Now if I can just get him to carry the dairy-free cheese!... (and the soda-free soda ;) )

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gik! Training!

See what happens when I get used to doing something? I start forgetting to do it. How can it be Thursday already and I haven't run at all since the race??

There's probably some kind argument for "rest" and "recuperation" and other words beginning with R, but I wouldn't know what they are. I do have some vague memory of being sort of stiff on Sunday and addled on Monday, but...ooh look, 12ks of Xmas this weekend! Sparkly sparkly...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Desperate Times, and all that...

So I'm going out on a limb here, and not just by putting lukewarm pickle juice in my carryon bag. Its little bottle *is* clearly marked "1.5 oz", after all...

I'm a huge fan of Clif Shot Bloks, and never use anything else on a run.  I love everything about them and thank god there's ONE COMPANY out there making something palatable using only ingredients I actually want in my body.  The only problem is (and I know this is blasphemy to Sweet-Teeth everywhere but) after about the first hour I am *so over* having to eat anything sugary.  I just don't want that taste anymore so I wind up avoiding them--which is totally stupid and usually means I bonk with food still in my pack.  Wtf.  Anyway, we're heading out in the morning for Beautiful Sunny Las Vegas Nevada for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Y'all and naturally this is a problem I feel is best tackled now, before I have to grit my teeth thru another 2 3/4 hours of sweetness and/or actually finish getting ready to go tonight.

I looked around everywhere and the best I could come up with was the suggestion of several people to go for the new margarita flavor, which I did buy and is saltier--but honestly is a bit of an alienating idea when you're running.  I'm never thinking, "mmmm, can't wait for a margarita! -ooh looky, here's a gummy one in my pocket, hooray!".  No.  Plus, paying $1.50 per pack multiple times a week is getting a bit old.  So, I'm exploring the possibility of making my own goo.  Not the first to go down this road, just the latest (and possibly least-well-thought-out).  I did consult several blogs and my mom ( :) ) who all had good advice; unfortunately I am too impatient and bored to take it.  (Hopefully future experiments can be held under more conducive conditions.)

First round draft pick is straight pickle juice and ground chia seeds. Chosen less for its desirability than for convenience: although I did hit three stores before finding a jar of pickles that would meet my lofty requirements (organic, green not yellow, no polys or benzos and less than $8/jar!), I already had the chia seeds, and have already convinced myself of the virtues of both ingredients on their own. Of course, what's good alone isn't always good together, but it's already 9 o'clock and I need to finish packing so off we go. (At my house it's not necessity that breeds invention, it's accessibility, laziness, a time-crunch and the stubborn unwillingness to let a random idea die. I'm sure this is in the DSM-IV under a different label.)

As you can see, the result is less than appetizing.  As expected.  But it is salty and tastes exactly like pickles, due to its lack of any other ingredient! Also, it's blackberry adding the garish yellow tinge and not the seeds themselves, so things are not quite as bleak as they seem.  Shockingly, upon first taste, not as offensive a texture as I might have guessed!  So hope is high.

We'll see how things seem after a day marinating in my luggage.

Mmmmmm! I plan to eat you outside Treasure Island! Consider it a date!