Friday, November 18, 2011

What do I want for my birthday? A pr.

So, I don't care that this is somewhat (wildly) impractical: I want a pr in vegas in december.  For me, that would technically be anything under 2:40, but I'm going to randomly reset the bar and insist that I beat it by ten minutes.  All this, ladies and gentlemen, without running (much) in the meantime.  Why? Because that's what I feel like today!  Perhaps I shall run tomorrow, if I can talk my mom into running the trail race that's happening in the morning. :)

So, for a 2:30 pr, coolrunning's pace calculator says I need to beat 11 1/2 minute miles.  That's about 5.3 mph (I like mph so much better than min/mile, don't you?  Who even thinks that way?  It's so hard!), which is quite speedy for me... Maybe I'll run just a tiny bit to train, then...

Can't wait for the trip, either way.  Sad that we won't make the Great Santa Run like we did last year, but I suppose there might be some kind of limit to how many pictures of yourself in cheap santa suits you need to have.  They are great though, no?