Friday, November 19, 2010

Ubiquity of Black

Is anyone else completely disillusioned with the boringness of running clothes?? I've found some cuts and fabrics I've really liked, but seriously if I see another solid color I think I might scream. *And what is with BLACK PANTS?!* If you don't want to run in black pants or tights it seems your only option is black shorts. ! Apart from my penchant for interestingness, there's just nothing practical about wearing black to work out outside in Phoenix.  What part of "I'm running on the sun" do you not understand, sports fashion designers??
Retarded. I'm ready to contact a factory in China and get them started cranking out colored leggings and prints like it's the 80s all over again!


So, after missing the very first run on my new calendar (Not Happy!), nT and I did 7 miles along the canal yesterday. Not a bad part of town, and mileage I haven't seen yet since I'm mostly car-bound and street-oriented. nT had some complaints about rocks in his fivefingers, but my only beef was with the *constant unrelenting sunshine*. Seriously, it was a beautiful 79 degrees, but there is not a lick of shade anywhere along the canal. Even with sunglasses and visor I really can't take that kind of oppression.

We left a car at the beginning and didn't got back for it, so I'm all set for a return run, either back up the way we came or starting further down the canal and running up to it, but I'm not sure I can take that much sunshine again so soon. Happily, I happened to drive down Central today and re-noticed the horse trail that runs along the street starting around Dunlap. It's got TREES! Wonder of wonders- and the shade extends pretty well all the way down to Missouri. (If I need more mileage than that, the sidewalk continues all the way to downtown, but right around Camelback it starts to get more urban than is probably worth it.) Canal car, I think your vacation just got extended.

I'm not much for running alongside traffic, it makes me paranoid and is distracting. But to keep the sun off my eyeballs for a bit? Yeah I'm pretty much all-in!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holy fuckin fuckshit!

So I've been getting the updates from The James, and I do own several calendars and refer to them repeatedly during every day, but still the revelation that the Vegas Rock n Roll half is only *19* days away is really sobering.  Of course, I'll live if I just go and do whatever, but I signed on for this a long time ago, and it'll be my fourth (WOWWW!) half marathon, and I do have a bit of pride that would be served if I did something other than limp across the line at 3 hours and 94 minutes. 

I need a plan.  I love a plan.  I might even love a plan more than executing a plan, but certainly having a plan means enjoying the execution more.  To wit:

Last chip time was 2:47 at the Women's half a week ago, up a bit from 2:42 at Disneyland in Sept.  Honestly- I'd hoped for more improvement by then.  If i'm completely honest, I was hoping to get this one in under maybe let's be just a little less than completely honest, as long as we're among friends.  If I came in under 2:30 in Vegas I'd be running an 11 1/2 minute mile, which is 5.24 mph.  Can she gain .24 mph in just under 3 weeks?? Stay tuned to find out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

But WHY?

I wondered this myself, before I started running.  WHY on earth do people drag themselves out there and try to go thirteen miles, or twenty-six miles??  I saw them out there, laboring sweatily down the street- it didn't look fun.  I heard friends talk about their latest race or fastest time and thought, "uhhhh, and?"  Then at some point battling through various issues and illnesses I woke up one day and just wanted to be *able* to do it.  I wanted a taste of that free, light feeling I saw one day as some college-age dude arrived and the park and just lit off down the path like he was weightless.  So I came up with a plan, walked out the front door and just resolved to love every minute of it. 

Plus, now I can run far enough to get medals.  Medals are super cool; where else outside second-grade soccer and Nobel achievement can you lay your hands on a *medal*?  I can't get enough of that.