Wish List Races

These are the ones I didn't get to, wasn't ready for, or I discovered after the fact and must do them when they come around next!  (Or, I ran low on funding that month and won't make that mistake again!)

Tough Mudder Wisconsin omg all these races look like soo much fun!
Wildwood trail run half, Portland

ET Full Moon Midnight half, Area 51!
Mt. Whitney hike
Alien half  why is this the same month as Area 51?!

Flagstaff half  "most scenic and difficult marathon in the Southwest"- you know i can't resist that!

Hershey half, PA
Hoover dam half
LA RnR half
Aravaipa Cave Creek Thriller 30k trail run 

Phoenix 7 Summit Challenge 7 hikes in one day shouldn't be too challenging by this point, but the driving between them sure will be! ;)
Rugged Maniac Phx
Mujer Diva half, Puerto Rico
Big Sur half, Monterey Bay
Space Coast half, Cocoa FL

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  1. I totally will do ET with you!!! it is on my list!!!! I did the hoover but it was hot that year and they were not prepared with h20 so i rated it poor. Have you done a 30k before? I actually wanna do the 7 summit but in 2 days..not 1 day.