Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Just read a cool article about fell running in Ireland, and it's got me thinking about what goals I have for running.  I love the idea of running in Ireland sometime, where (I suspect) it's the antithesis of desert running: green!  Not that I have to cross an international border to locate some plants, but...well, why not, after all!

So, these are some of the goals I have and have had for my running career:

Get out of bed!
Be able to run 30min straight
Run a half marathon
Sub 2:45 half marathon
Sub 2:30 half marathon
2:00 half marathon
2 half marathons a month apart
2 half marathons 2 weeks apart
2 half marathons 1 week apart
2 half marathons same weekend (DisneyWorld relay and half)
A half marathon every month (for a year-?)
Half marthon in all 50 states
Run a full marathon
Sub 3hr marathon
Run NYC marathon
Run in some other countries...
Full and half back to back (Goofy challenge)
Full, half, 5k back to back (Dopey challenge)
Run an ultra
Pace at Leadville
Run route 66
Run coast to coast

Right now a lot of these things seem kind of ridiculous- but the part of me that's already accomplished the first 4 things likes seeing them there in print. Having worked my way up through 7 halfs and counting, I really believe the distance between the bed and that first 30 minutes is greater than the difference between 6mph and 8mph, or between 26 miles and 50.  Whether it is or isn't though, I look forward to finding out.  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

6? down. 7? here we go...

Not sure if I'm crazy, but I just booked the hotel for this weekend to do the 6 Tunnels race at Hoover Dam.  Oh, how was the Princess, you ask? Hm, I'm sure it was fine and I haven't even unpacked and ooh looky here another shiny medal...

The thing that cinched it was, in fact, the medal.  I noticed that the 5 on my wall were making a nice rainbow gradient (fun fact: I can't resist anything in rainbow colors), and with the Disney Princess's kind-of-awful-greenishly-yellow one, the next color I'd want would of course be green.  Enter the mountain men and their early St. Patty's Day celebration. 

Can't decide whether to train this week or just rest up.  Kind of hoping for some kind of toxic-sludge accident to transform me into teenage mutant ninja runner in the next five days.  But I suppose I'll settle for the kids not complaining all the way through the Dam tour.

Wish me luck!