Monday, March 7, 2011

6? down. 7? here we go...

Not sure if I'm crazy, but I just booked the hotel for this weekend to do the 6 Tunnels race at Hoover Dam.  Oh, how was the Princess, you ask? Hm, I'm sure it was fine and I haven't even unpacked and ooh looky here another shiny medal...

The thing that cinched it was, in fact, the medal.  I noticed that the 5 on my wall were making a nice rainbow gradient (fun fact: I can't resist anything in rainbow colors), and with the Disney Princess's kind-of-awful-greenishly-yellow one, the next color I'd want would of course be green.  Enter the mountain men and their early St. Patty's Day celebration. 

Can't decide whether to train this week or just rest up.  Kind of hoping for some kind of toxic-sludge accident to transform me into teenage mutant ninja runner in the next five days.  But I suppose I'll settle for the kids not complaining all the way through the Dam tour.

Wish me luck!

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