Sunday, April 10, 2011

New plan?

I'm honestly sad to have missed the lake havasu half this last weekend, and am mulling over how i'm going to get going again... I've been in an intensive acupuncture mode for the last three weeks, working on correcting some long-standing issues, which is why I've been quiet.  It's been a great process, but it's also required me to put the kibosh on running so I could direct my energy to what we were working on (read: avoid the usual "I can do it all!" dance and getting overtired and then sick).  So it's been almost a month off and the other day I caught myself thinking "I just don't know how people do that"- before suddenly remembering that, hey, I'VE done it, and not just once but seven times! What's the mystery?! But it's a telling moment: two years of training to do the impossible doesn't undo 30 years of training to define what is impossible.  And I definitely don't want inertia to carry me back to that pointless pastime, so I'm ready to move forward.

So, I think I need a new goal to work toward.  I love running the half marathon distance and definitely look forward to everything that's already on my calendar, but I think it's Firsts that excite me, and I'm ready for a new one of those...So far the full marathon distance has felt too unreasonable, but with my recent realizations and this plan I just stumbled on in the bookstore today, I'm starting to get interested...

Update- after a walk tonight I've decided I'm in.  After all, I have half this plan in the bag already! So even if I go back to basics and start at the beginning I'm only 4 months from a full marathon; that sounds good. :) 

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