Friday, November 18, 2011

What do I want for my birthday? A pr.

So, I don't care that this is somewhat (wildly) impractical: I want a pr in vegas in december.  For me, that would technically be anything under 2:40, but I'm going to randomly reset the bar and insist that I beat it by ten minutes.  All this, ladies and gentlemen, without running (much) in the meantime.  Why? Because that's what I feel like today!  Perhaps I shall run tomorrow, if I can talk my mom into running the trail race that's happening in the morning. :)

So, for a 2:30 pr, coolrunning's pace calculator says I need to beat 11 1/2 minute miles.  That's about 5.3 mph (I like mph so much better than min/mile, don't you?  Who even thinks that way?  It's so hard!), which is quite speedy for me... Maybe I'll run just a tiny bit to train, then...

Can't wait for the trip, either way.  Sad that we won't make the Great Santa Run like we did last year, but I suppose there might be some kind of limit to how many pictures of yourself in cheap santa suits you need to have.  They are great though, no?


  1. Time to start GOOFY blogging! I'm subscribing to your blog via email so I can stalk you.

  2. i love a stalker, it's like a fan who's too cheap to buy tickets. and i'll start goofy blogging when i start actually thinking seriously about this endeavor we've committed to- right now it's just a fuzzy guy hanging from my rearview mirror and a projected vision of me 40 lbs lighter bounding effortlessly through 39 miles!...the path from here to there is somewhat murky...