Friday, October 14, 2011

So behind!

ahh i have so many race recaps to post and things i should update about- but as i'm sick (and still sitting here thinking about running, wow) i'm just going with random thoughts.  i'll have to post some proper stuff and back-date it later.

so jealous of this race and want it to come here!  damn you nyc for being cooler than us, and getting everything first!  if you live there you should totally do this bc if i were you i would but i'm not so i'm so far away!  zombi race

getting quite nervous about january's plan...i've looked at several marathon training plans (since i figure that's basically what i'm training for; the night's sleep in between halves [halfs -?] is just a bonus...), but they all count distance rather than time.  training by time worked superbly in getting me here, and i want to stick with what problem is, i'm coming up against some limiting factors in trying to scale my model up; namely, if i run at the same pace i've been, that means it will take SIX LONG HOURS to finish a full marathon.  that's kind of a deal-breaker, party people.  and obviously i can't train for that, going out and doing 4+ hour long runs on the weekends between now and january-? methinks this will represent too much strain on the ole bod.  i've read some opinions that long runs should be capped at 3.5 hours--but clearly this will not take me 26 miles.  more thinking needs to be done (to say nothing of more running!), and it needs to be done fast as there are only 2 1/2 months between me and (w)D(w)-day!

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