Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So.  I am running another half marathon (#16!) on Saturday, and, in a rare occurrence, I am *not* looking forward to it.  I realize spraining my ankle and eating my way through the holidays, as well as running both the Disneyworld half and relay AND the Disneyland half marathon in January (yes, you read that right.  three half marathons in one month on a freshly sprained ankle.  don't congratulate me yet.) are all enough to explain it...but the half-hour hit my times have taken since December just has me in a funk.  I ran a 2:41 in Vegas (fast for *moi*, okay?) in December and then two months later ran a 3:17 at Tinkerbell.  Yes, I should have wrapped my ankle.  Yes, I didn't rest enough after the DW insane back-to-back two weeks prior.  Yes, I realize it is ridiculous to be at all competitive in this slow a bracket.  (Yes, sometimes people walk faster than I run.  Fuck off.)  But I yam what I yam and I'm really not looking foward to posting another dismal time.  I just don't like seeing them come up on the clock!

So, I've picked up the "Run Less, Run Faster" Furman plan, but have been struggling a bit with it...the other day I had a total crisis of confidence worrying whether it will actually make me faster or not.  Um, it's called "run less, run FASTER", duh!  I guess it's just testament to how disillusioned I am at the moment.  I know, I'm hard to please.  Anyway, because of that I think I'm going to step back to the RLRF 5k plan (even though yes I know I'm planning on running NYC and need to train for that-- later.) for a few months and see if I can't (can!) get my short-distance times up.  If anything it'll mean shorter workouts, which I'll be glad to see.  :)  And hopefully I'll get some results that will get me back to my usual delusional optimism regarding what I'm capable of. 

Like Florence Foster Jenkins, I much prefer my own delusions to the harshness of reality.  "The truth hurts"?  Well, get it out of here then!  I have a nice pillowy blanket of marshmallow clouds and chicken eyelashes here to sink into, while I dream of being able to jump eight feet straight into the air and singing at Rockefeller Center....(shut up I can sing wherever I want to, it's my dream and I like singing in skating rinks.)


  1. Holy, shit, you finally posted something! So I'm rewarding this behavior with postive reinforcement: a post comment! I just realized that I've been referring to you as Run on the Sun in my blog, but you're really I. Phoenix. Running.


  2. they're commas ;) and yeah, that was my original idea but i couldn't get it in any form, so that's how runonthesun came to be! (it was available.) you can take your pick or do whatever you like...i think i usually call you "the james"- so now anyone reading this will know! secret identity unmasked!