Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EEEEEEEEEEEE NYC!! (Marathon, that is)


There was a course map in our team update email today, and I am kind of excited just looking at it.  EEEEE! 

I sure hope I feel the same way once I'm out there!..."Believe, Train, Become", right? Ahhhh so scary. :)


  1. how EXCITING!!!

    1. I really vascillate, you know? Sometimes I'm like OMGTHEREISNOWAY and other times I'm like, it's going to be so scenic and awesome and I love the city and I love everyone and I can't wait! ...there's probably some kind of medication for that.

  2. I don't understand why it takes 24 freaking hours for me to get an email letting me know you've blogged! Rude! I'm going to have to subscribe with my AOL acct just to get timely updates!

    And yeah, I love your bipolar attitude about the NYC Marathon, lol! Wasn't it just Saturday when you said were talking about how miserable this is? I do believe it was! Glad you're getting excited. Think of all of the awesome blogging we'll be able to do! And I will be Instagramming like crazy!

  3. OMG how exciting is just LOOKING at the map!! I am so excited, and scared, and nervous, and excited!!!!