Monday, July 2, 2012

I've been holding out on you.

So!  I haven't said anything about my entire month of June, as it turns out.  Sorry bout that. 

As it turns out, I probably should have, bc June was pretty awesome. 

I'll hit the highlights and then circle back to talk about these things I should have talked about, to honor their awesomeness.  Because they had it.

At the beginning of the month, I drove to San Diego with two J's to run the RockNRoll San Diego half marathon...stayed with friends, met up with friends, ran with friends, hung out with friends, baconed with friends, and it was completely great.  Not a great race time, as I couldn't get out of my own head and did something weird, but it was an awesome run nonetheless. 

I also ate this burger, aptly named the "Peanut Butter and Jellousy"
Do. It. OMG. Srsly.
 A week later I got to fly to South Carolina with nT for a family wedding- put a pin in that state, yay! Many hilarious things transpired and I couldn't get the hang of Charleston Not Charlotte...and while I can't say I loved it there that too was a fantastic trip and a great chance to get out of the Phoenix Inferno.  (Plus, two kid-free weekends? In a *row*?? With fun things to do, not chores at home???  What kind of lottery did I win?!)

Then Team NYC Chances for Children 2012 official marathon training started.  :)  Yay! Not a gigantic change as I've already been running with the group and (thinking about) fundraising, but it was exciting to see Prescribed Workouts start to arrive in my email (from someone other than myself!) and feel like I've stopped climbing the stairs, stepped off the platform, and begun the long, fun waterslide down to my first marathon- and NYC! Yum! 
Yeah, I like that analogy of marathon training as a water slide.  Possibly (completely) counterintuitive but it sounds effortless and exciting so I'm going with that!

An awesome AZ Bloggers meetup, some great pool parties, sushi evenings and actually-fun days with kids, and some progress on the financial front made me happy in the interim... did this stunning picture of my kid I found, that another parent took.  wow.
 And finally, because staying put is not my specialty, I headed out of town with the boy to spend a week at Universal Orlando for his (omgwtfbbq) 10th birthday.  Despite my sort-of-seemed-warranted-at-the-time worries about Tropical Storm Debby, the trip could not have gone better, and I think a 10 year old boy felt the same- which of course was the point.  Being just the two of us for the first time in seven birthday trips, we went where we wanted, ate when we wanted, rested/got up/packed it in when we wanted and we had a different rhythm together than I expected; we can both be pretty hard core, pushing past tired, chasing our enthusiasm in circles, trying to squeeze every last drop out of things...but this time together I think we both realized the world (of Universal) was our oyster and we were definitely going to get what we wanted out of it, so there was a lot more relaxing and drifting than I ever thought we would have done.  Frantic x frantic = mellow, I guess!

And thus, I am deposited here in July, as are you.  Hopefully your June felt epic to you, too; if my every month could be structured that way, I think I'd be happy as a clam... anyway, I have definitely fallen down on my resolution to 365grateful, but I'm going to forgive myself and get back on the horse with some retroactive and stolen pictures to pick up where I left off.  I think the goal is worthy enough to cheat at (!), and I definitely have lots of pictures of things I was grateful for this month.  So, onward!


  1. Awesomeness. That pic of G is great. He looks exactly like you! Guess we know you're the mother for sure. ;)

    Hoping for an awesome entry with stunning pics from Universal so I can convince myself I need to go there STAT.

    Hhmmm, too bad they don't have a race there...

  2. i need to dl pics from my camera so i can post some, altho i'm not sure what i took! chasing after G, staying dry and hopping from coaster to coaster all adds up to not a lot of picturesque shots!- but you DO need to go STAT, it was so cool. at disney we're mostly remembering the amazement we felt when we were little, but at universal, i was honestly amazed as an adult! (not to slander the big D ;) ) but, confirmed: florida in the summer is a D.O.N.'T!- unless there is a huge tropical storm to make it awesome.