Friday, November 19, 2010


So, after missing the very first run on my new calendar (Not Happy!), nT and I did 7 miles along the canal yesterday. Not a bad part of town, and mileage I haven't seen yet since I'm mostly car-bound and street-oriented. nT had some complaints about rocks in his fivefingers, but my only beef was with the *constant unrelenting sunshine*. Seriously, it was a beautiful 79 degrees, but there is not a lick of shade anywhere along the canal. Even with sunglasses and visor I really can't take that kind of oppression.

We left a car at the beginning and didn't got back for it, so I'm all set for a return run, either back up the way we came or starting further down the canal and running up to it, but I'm not sure I can take that much sunshine again so soon. Happily, I happened to drive down Central today and re-noticed the horse trail that runs along the street starting around Dunlap. It's got TREES! Wonder of wonders- and the shade extends pretty well all the way down to Missouri. (If I need more mileage than that, the sidewalk continues all the way to downtown, but right around Camelback it starts to get more urban than is probably worth it.) Canal car, I think your vacation just got extended.

I'm not much for running alongside traffic, it makes me paranoid and is distracting. But to keep the sun off my eyeballs for a bit? Yeah I'm pretty much all-in!

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