Thursday, November 4, 2010

But WHY?

I wondered this myself, before I started running.  WHY on earth do people drag themselves out there and try to go thirteen miles, or twenty-six miles??  I saw them out there, laboring sweatily down the street- it didn't look fun.  I heard friends talk about their latest race or fastest time and thought, "uhhhh, and?"  Then at some point battling through various issues and illnesses I woke up one day and just wanted to be *able* to do it.  I wanted a taste of that free, light feeling I saw one day as some college-age dude arrived and the park and just lit off down the path like he was weightless.  So I came up with a plan, walked out the front door and just resolved to love every minute of it. 

Plus, now I can run far enough to get medals.  Medals are super cool; where else outside second-grade soccer and Nobel achievement can you lay your hands on a *medal*?  I can't get enough of that.

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