Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random things I'm thinking about!

I can't be bothered to make this hang together.  It's enough to use actual capital letters at the beginnings of my sentences today!  Without further ado:

1) This post is awesome.  I wondered about hostels a million years ago but never checked one out, and then later I figured there was a reason they're called "youth" hostels so I probably aged out.  Turns out, no!  Sweet!  This and her previous post totally made me want to try it, and gave me the courage to.  Sorry to all my friends who will quickly get sick of my obsessing about this new endeavor.  But really, travelling and not spending millions of dollars?! Who is not in???

2) OMG YUM. If I could go home right now and try this, I literally would. Thanks Melissa!

btw i totally don't know how to link pictures and give credit yet. 
feel free to email and let me know.  you guys get that this is from her post
that i just linked, yes?

3) Woooo I'm published! This is really quite cool.  I mean, obviously I'm published here, and the post in question amounts to little more than a routine email to my oldest friend, but damn if she didn't make it look cool! :) I still feel very new to the whole blogging endeavor, and it's totally fun to see that in print, especially as I think it makes me sound like a genius! 

You should probably subscribe to PetitePlanet while you're there marvelling, Beth has been hard at work doing something about our errant ways practically since before I knew blogs existed.  Taraandbethdecided you should too. ;)

4) PF Chang's is 10 years old in Phoenix?  Is there some reason I should want to run this the more than twice I've already done-?  I'm going to have to see a face-meltingly good medal or something...For a while I considered running the full here as a kind of bucket-list item, but I'm not at all sure I need to see more of these streets than I already do.  Novelty: kinda worn off.  But I'm listening, Competitor (as I always do, damn you); show me something good...

5) National running day? Mmmm, I don't know.  Methinks we have a "national day" for everything now.  Oh there's tshirts? (yeah i know that's bad grammar but i like it) Okay I'm in.  Altho those would be better if you got to write in your own bubble.

6) SAN DIEGO HERE WE COME!! It is t minus 1.75 hrs till the end of the workweek for me, and till I rush home and officially commence my trip to San Diego for the RnR half marathon this weekend.  Nevermind that we're not leaving until tomorrow morning, I'm going to count packing and laundry and excitedly texting Jaime and the rest of our travel party as part of the trip.  Why shouldn't I; the kids are figured out, arrangements are made, workouts have been completed...well not today yet but whatever.  BEACH!!

7) Not that it will mess up my trip or anything, but I bruised my heel on Tuesday, landing on a concrete corner that was serving as first base in a game with my son.  I mean, landing on it like bone-chipping landing on it, so much so that not only did I ice it afterward, but I also seriously considered calling the game.  And I hate calling the game.  I think I got this pain-tolerance thing and grit-it-out insanity from my mother, who is continually coming back from hikes and climbs with slashed this or bruised that...She once called me from the emergency room, very reluctantly, to ask if I could bring her a sweater bc she was cold -- while waiting to get twelve stitches in her face.  That's my mom. 
So, I didn't call the game but a saner person might have.  I don't feel anything rattling around in there so despite it being swollen and painful I ran on it successfully (if awkwardly) yesterday, and will just assume it's all going to be fine on Sunday.  A bone chip would rattle or something, right?  Maybe I'll call for a sweater.

8) This is officially the coolest wedding I have seen (pictures of).  Fire dance?!  Yes.  I hope one day to be this creative.

keep doing cool things, paula, so i can live vicariously through you
 Can you tell I spent all day reading blogs and checking my email?  Btw I deleted 1300 messages today, so I was totally productive.  *Where's my paycheck?!*


Pinterest is fun, but what I really love about it is collecting images that make me want to work out.  There is something about a motivational quote and people looking ripped that propels me into the gym like nothing else.  G and I saw The Avengers this weekend (thanks Abs, for making *such* a big deal out of it that I actually went to a theater), and while the movie wasn't outstanding, I wanted to drive straight to the nearest weight machine when it was over.  My pinterest board serves largely the same purpose for me.  If you don't have one yet you should totally give it a whirl, or try mine if you like.  (This site has a ton of great pictures I keep cribbing too)

10) is just a better number to end on, isn't it?  And so is this:

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  1. I got that email about PF Chang's and I was thinking it would be cool to do the 10th anniversary, but then this is the 15th anniversary of RnR San Diego and it doesn't seem to be promoted anywhere. Boo. I like me some special anniversary medals.

    It's 10:30 and my laundry is actually almost done! Woot! I never get shit done this early before vacay. I was pulling shit out of the drier still damp and shoving it in my suitcase, then running out the door for a 15 day trip to Europe. Why hurry, right?

    See you in the morning.