Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi there Thursday.  What's up?

All I can say is, this has been an incredibly annoying day so far.  I mean, are any websites working today or just the ones I don't need for booking trips and finding info-?  Thankfully all my blog-friends' seem to be up and running, so I've had that to distract me.

This would probably be a good time to update my 365grateful photos.  That'll give me a little break from griping about all the things that haven't been gratitude-worthy today and also maybe sub in for the Thankful Things I don't have at the ready...

Monday, May 14  2012
I don't have to make my own bed.  For reasons I shall not disclose, lest it inspire consternation among those less fortunate among you.  All I will say is that sometimes I come home, and the bed is made, and I didn't have to do it, and those days are awesome.  There's something about a made bed that's so much more inviting than an unmade one.  Why is that?  An unmade one is easier to get into...Maybe having to work for it makes it better.  Which might be an argument for making it myself....but I say unto you: NO!

Tuesday, May 15  2012
This is the view from the treadmill at my gym.  It might not look like much (iron bars?! wtf?), but let me expound for a moment why this sight truly makes me feel grateful:  1) my gym only costs $2 to get into, and is pay-per-use, and is always completely empty.  It's like having a huge workout room in my house, except it's a block away and I have to say hi to the lady before I go in.  I love this gym.  That's actually like four things right there.  2) I can see water the whole time I'm running.  Water!! In the desert!  Just that color is a big ahhhhhh on my eyeballs.  3) running behind these three big panes of glass ensures I remain at a lovely 72*, with a nice breeze blowing, within reach of unlimited cold cold drinking water, while a mere twelve inches away it's hot enough to blister paint.  It looks super pleasant out there, but trust me *it is not*.  All it is is pleasant-looking-- which is why I love to take the view and leave the rest.  Nice!

Wednesday, May 16  2012
 How is this the first food picture I've added so far?  I guess it's good to know I'm grateful for a lot of things before foods...nevertheless.  Feast your eyes upon the best breakfast ever: the Low Carb Breakfast from D'Lish, which I'm not sure really lives up to its name but is so good that who cares.  Because I know you are most likely super deprived and don't have one of these close to you, you will need to make your own:  spring greens, hash brown patty, pepperjack cheese, two fried eggs, tomato, avocado and pesto. (They also use a balsamic vinagarette that I feel adds nothing so I skip it. Also when I need extra protein I make them add turkey.  YUM.)   You will not be sorry!

Thursday, May 17  2012
 I am sure I should have told you I'm running for Team Chances for Children AZ in the ING NYC MARATHON IN NOVEMBER.  I know this is a massive oversight.  Life moves too fast.  More later! I am super excited!  We had the team orientation meeting tonight and I got really motivated and also scared and also happy to meet a bunch of awesome people I can now really call My Team and also got this shirt which is mine.  YAY!

Friday, May 18  2012
I wonder if he minds that I post pictures of him-? I wonder if he minds I mostly post the ridiculous ones? He should probably not let me take them in the first place.  Grateful to have this ridiculous man in my life?  Yeah.  I sure am.  He is wiser than he looks.  (*not. hard.*  lol)

Saturday, May 19  2012
It might be obvious I took this picture while I was still driving.  On the freeway.  No one here works for dps, do you?  Yikes.  That's how psyched I was to see this temperature show up in my car in May, even if I had to get up at 4am to see it.  I had to capture the moment before it jumped to 75, then 89, then killmenow hot.  This was the first group run day for my Team Chances group, and if anything could convince me that 5am is a reasonable time to start running, it was this beautiful perfect day. 

Sunday, May 20  2012
 This is how I imagine the quintessential Sunday.  And by that I probably mean, the quintessential Sunday for couples without kids, bc almost none of my Sundays are like this.  Chillin at our favorite breakfast place, nowhere to be, to-do lists forgotten, the promise of a fresh bag of produce from the CSA resting on the table...not to be overlooked, jeans and a tank top = not too hot, not too cold (<- won't be a problem till december but i'm thankful anyway!).  nT looks deeply engrossed in his phone, but happily he is not working- just trying desperately to come up with a good enough word to beat me at WordFeud!  An unequivocally awesome morning. 

Monday, May 21  2012
 Bed, redux?  No, Bed: 2.0!  Today was the day I finally said "we're better than this, and we're not going to take it anymore!", and did something about the remote situation in the bedroom.  We have *five* remotes in the bedroom, and no we can't do without any of them, and yes they all do completely above-board things except for the magic-fingers-like function on the bed base...but with two people in the room they are constantly winding up on my side or his side or in the bed or on the floor or omgwtfwherethehellisitnowineedtoturnthelightsoffdammitall.  So I went to the store, bought a shelf, and installed it ingeniously right above our heads.  Yes, you can reach it while lying down without having to sit up; I checked before I put it up.  This. Is. Wunderbar.  I completely love it.

Tuesday, May 22  2012
Awesome print I picked up while buying the bed shelf.  I appreciated it a day later so it totally counts.  On the wall opposite my bedroom door, so I see it every morning now.  Much needed!

Wednesday, May 23  2012
Okay, I know I was previously grateful for the view off my treadmill, and I still am.  But figuring out how to wifi my ipad off my phone so I can watch netflix as I run has got to be the single greatest improvement to working out since the excuse to eat extra calories.  I love doing this.  I've watched so many episodes of Breaking Bad, which I love, and not had to feel guilty for watching tv in the middle of the day.  *I'm working out, yo!*  Plus it totally distracts me from the hours and hours I'm spending here, training for a marathon while refusing to fry outside.  Win/win! :) 


  1. Does nT read this blog? At least he has a good sense of humor! I like the 365 grateful idea. Maybe I should steal it from you.

    1. he is super busy working and stuff, i think most of his recreation is happening with his eyes closed lately! but yes you should definitely steal the idea, it is really helping turn my perspective around...and you are already a total shutterbug! (plus it will help justify the new camera ;) )