Monday, May 14, 2012

My Life in Pictures

Happy Mother's Day (yesterday) to all the moms and people with moms out there.  Hope it was a good one for you. For me, it was one of the most chill Mother's Days I've ever had; all I did was hang out mom!  I know this is a shocking concept, but for overscheduled me it was quite a departure from the usual routine- running around, flinging phone calls and texts, trying to make three different stops, please nineteen for those who I neglected to check in with (everyone), I'm sorry and hope you had a wonderful day even though I wasn't there.

These are my 365gratitude pictures for the last few days as well:

Thursday, May 10 2012
Passport: renewed!  Been waiting for this to show up in the mail... Awesome, can't wait to fill you with stamps!!

Friday, May 11 2012

Cooking day.  I like to try a bunch of recipes all at once so I tend to mega-shop, rampage-cook, and then super-purge whatever's gone bad after a week in the fridge.  Mostly I have great luck when I cook, probably due to an abiding and long-standing love of food...but my multitasking approach to cooking ensures that even when I turn out a flop, I still have something to show (eat) for my effort at the end of the day. :)  This particular day I kind of couldn't get over the awesome color palette I ended up with after my shop!

Saturday, May 12 2012
So, we have a giant great dane that is varying degrees of house trained depending on his mood and whether or not anyone is watching.  He stays outside most of the time so we don't have a ton of issues, but we also have a tricky door that he can push open if one of the kids doesn't lock it up just right...this night we came home and he had gotten in and done his kamikaze marking routine where he makes up for lost time by peeing on everything he possibly can before we get home and make him stop.  Last time TnT had a virtual meltdown bc there was so much to clean up and we swore Never Again.  So when it happened this time, I think we just clicked into crisis management mode to avoid freaking out, and before I knew what I was doing we had the kids armed with towels and sprays, and doing the whole thing family-style made it all totally bearable.  So I took a very blurry picture with pee-soaked rags.  Bc I'm grateful for how we pulled together; that the kids are old enough to really get it; for moments when we're all on the same page, even if it's a smelly gross one.

Sunday, May 13 2012
G picked out this bracelet for mother's day, he said because it represents eternity and also is a math symbol and I like math.  He was already the subject of my gratitude on day one, so I'll direct my gratitude toward his gift, and just feel awesome that my kid rocks.  And knows me well.  And is deep.  And also it's a pretty bracelet and looks cool on.  :)

Although there have been plenty of the usual prosaic low moments in my days since starting this, I'm glad I've been doing this project, bc keeping an eye out for these moments really turned some of these days around.  It really is work to feed the white dog when you're used to feeding his evil twin, and it's good work that I'm proud I'm doing.

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