Monday, May 28, 2012

Mind = Blown!!

nT says he first saw this trick in middle school or something, but I have made it well into my thirties without being exposed to it.  Therefore, I deem it MAGIC!

I am Abraham Lincoln and I am happy!
I am Abraham Lincoln but now I am sad.  And also have a huge forehead!

Are you fucking kidding me!  Awesome!  I seriously could not stop looking at this yesterday when he showed it to me; so much so that I didn't have time to write this post and had to do it today.  I was significantly more impressed than our kids even, proving that they are jaded and ungrateful.  When I was your age I was filled with wonder, ya little...Whatever.  This. Is. Awesome.

He says it used to be much trickier back when the faces were small on the bills.  See how much harder we had it?! *shakes fist*

If you have already seen this and are not impressed like me, then just...get off my lawn.  Whippersnapper.

We also made candles last night with the kids, once I was able to put down the bills.  This also, while not The Most Amazing Thing I've ever done, blew my mind a little bit too, because I remember watching them do it on Mr. Wizard and resolving to try it and then taking fourteen years to get around to it.  Sometimes being a grownup is awesome because you can do all the stuff you meant to when you were little and didn't have a car.  Or income.

So we made ice candles.  Have you done this?

Because I am a grownup and also a genius, I figured we could just melt some dollar store candles in dollar store cake pans on our stovetop.  If it fucked something up, I could just pay someone to fix it and not get yelled at by my mom!  Childhood: pwned!  (Also, Michaels: pwned, because I sourced candle-making supplies there at christmas, and it was so prohibitively expensive per candle that I junked the idea.  Maybe melting and reforming existing candles doesn't count as "making" anything, but my house my rules and I say it was awesome!)

please excuse the experimental color on the walls. 

So what you do is, grab some random containers and throw in a wick, surround it with ice, and dump some melted wax in there.  Done.  It turns out cool and takes seconds to do = my kind of craft.

On Mr. Wizard they used milk cartons and cut them away once the wax hardened. Cool.  But then you have to burn it on something and I didn't have any lying around.  So we picked up various glass vases at the dollar store and just made everything in there.  I also (remember: genius!) used taper candles in the center instead of wicks, bc they stand up on their own and were much easier to work with.  Woo!

Don't tell me this shit don't look cool!

It does.

So.  I apologize in not-quite-advance for talking about random kid-related things; I have nothing against mom-oriented blogs, I just don't want to write one.  Be that as it may, it is summertime and no matter how many times I tell them to get off my lawn, the kids keep coming back.  Something about "but we live here...".  Whatever.  So you might have to put up with some kid-activity-talk as I ramble on about how I spend my summer in between slipping out the back door for out-of-state races.  I'll try to keep it mind-blowingly awesome.  Like today.


  1. Oooh! Cool! I love the idea of using a taper candle. So genius. When we made the sand candles I was telling you about, the wicks were so. effing. hard. to get right. You are a total genius. Fer Sher. Now get of MY lawn. Sheesh.

  2. Funnnn! Those candles look awesome!