Friday, January 7, 2011

An actual run...

Back to a 2.29mi tonight, a normal "short" run for me (and not at midnight either, praise beezus), made possible by an awesome session at Stretch to Win.  I was beyond excited to see them mentioned in Tim Ferriss's new book--how can you not be excited when two things you love unexpectedly come together? peanut butter and chocolate? potato chips and nutella? cantaloupe and cayenne? mmm why is this all about food...

Anyway.  Totally excited that he mentioned them, as The experts in stretching that he's come across to date.  They totally deserve it; they pioneered their method, and it WORKS.  But, apparently Tim didn't say anything about who he was when he was there, and they had no idea about it until the book came out a couple of weeks ago!  I suppose it's a little like food critic-ing, all stealth-author-y, but still-!

At any rate, it was quite brilliant and between that and the sauerkraut that's my new go-to food, I think I'm on a good track.  Maybe not a track that can veer me away from setting a new PW at PFC in ten days, but still- a good track!

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