Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Psoas not to disturb my newfound equilibrium

Awesome stretch session today!  Not wanting to disturb my alignment-settling, tonight's run was more of a stroll-trot.  Whatever! Two more days and Janathon is nearly half over!!  Amazing.  I think I'm learning to pace myself in this new way; it feels similar to the process I went through when I was learning to run in the first place...Stop thinking about what should be, and just be there.  Oddly, the mantra appears to be "So What!".  I only went .62 miles today- so what.  I only ran 4.2 mph- so what.  Progress is coming a lot slower than I wish it would, than I had planned- So Mother What, matey.  'Tis what 'tis, I'm either showing up tomorrow or I'm not.

And I'm definitely showing up tomorrow- it's one day away from week 2's (self)reward, and the PFC expo where I plan to avail meself of Schwag.  Mmmm lovely schwag...

On a semi-related note, I found my dress!  It's Prom 2.0 when we head out to the Princess run next month, and cleaning out my closet I found a perfect Cinderella dress to wear.  Shoppin in my closet: win!  (Keeping random ball gowns laying around: also win!)

Now, if anyone has the inside scoop on where to find a coconut bra for nT's Ariel costume, lemme know! :)

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