Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ugh! I officially hate running clothes.

So, I guess I'm picky.  I won't run in cotton, I hate crewnecks and I'm over black.  Other than that, I thought I was pretty much up for anything; extra points for zip pockets and prints, pants or top.  I'm flexible.  Oh, and I'd like to pay something south of $59 for each piece, please!

But I guess my lofty requirements mean 98% of gear out there is out.  I mean, ctfo, I don't mind a blue v-neck or a solid purple half-zip--but once I bought them, I kinda already have them, right?! Roadrunner Sports, Adidas, Champion (better than most), Brooks: quit hittin me with the solid colors.  I'm bored, okay!  Athleta, Lululemon, Sugoi: PRICE, please! Sometimes your designs are totally nomtastic, but I ain't shellin' out $98 for one shirt.  It's a shirt.  And I'm going to run it thru hell and back.  Peace, please.  prAna, Avani, and Etsy crafters: honorable mention, I love it all, but please get hip with the lycra and nylon, I don't want to come home soggy after a 2hr run in my scorching desert sun.  And Nike- just, what are you thinking??

So what's a girl to do.  I've never had a problem *shopping*, of all things, but thus far Janathon week 2 reward is going undone.  Step it up, people!

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