Saturday, January 1, 2011


So.  Never have I *not* wanted to run so much.  It's 38 degrees.  My pants need a wash.  It's 10pm, and I ate too much earlier.  I have a headache!  I gained 10 pounds over Christmas.  AND, there are several unwatched episodes of House and How I Met Your Mother on the tivo.  I am not at all interested in doing this.

She said, wearing vibrams and a giant wristtop computer.
Obviously, I'm going.  It's Janathon and I'm doing it.  Is it all about bragging rights or just sheer muscular will?  Or maybe the lingering superstition of new year's, not wanting to see resolutions go south before they've barely begun.  Maybe I'm finally a runner and that explains it...

Whatever!  The sheer lack of specificity in the rules is reason enough-- I can scamper back in the door after five minutes, chittering about my accomplishment even though it barely exists.  That's the kind of bar I like: A Low One.  :)

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