Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Janathon 4, what can I say...

...except a huge *THANK YOU* to Right Calf, who graciously decided to cooperate tonight!  After last night, my hopes weren't high.  But you came through!  Awesome!  What's the matter, Lefty- feeling left out of the limelight?? Why can't you be more like your brother, instead of tightening up and complaining like that?? Shame on you, mister!

Why my left calf is male is a mystery that will remain unsolved.

OH! YEAH I meant to mention (to the whole world, obviously) that I had my bodyfat tested today--in a DEXA machine, no less--and it was


Yashoudo appalled.   And, mind you, that's after I lost 45 lbs.  So what was I before, like half fat?  How small must my brain be then?!  Yeah.  39%.  And I've run 4 half-marathons like that!  Sheesh.  I totally can't decide whether to be excited or disgusted.  I guess I'm going to go with:  there must be like a super-athlete under here somewhere if I've been doing this well with that kind of handicap.

So, that needed sharing.  See how I try to strip away your excuses? I'm the Everyman; seriously, if That Girl can do it, you definitely can.  (Like how I turn my horrifying 64 pounds of fat into a big win?  Your big win?  I do it for you.  Here you go, take it! :p )

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