Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I guess it's time to finally train up the dog!

Is it possible that I feel strong and tired at the same time?  I thought I had a lot more run in me tonight, but once I got out there I used it up kinda quickly; guess that was a pretty taxing sprint last night.

But one thing I was enjoying turned into something that irked: when I started out last night I was loving the solitude and wide openness of the park.  I even took the liberty of huffing out a few verses of the songs I was listening to (partly to distract from how *frozen* my lungs were feeling), just because no one was around to hear.  Then halfway through at a water stop, I caught a shadow flitting on my left at the edge of my vision.  Normally, I'm a mostly-grown person and I can handle general movement in my vicinity; however, close to midnight, allllll alone, having spent the last few weeks chowing through four novels in a Stephen King series, yeah- I spooked like a barn-sour mare after a jolt cola and a bee sting. (...visual-? :) )  nT has some Castanedan theories about this, which I'd sum up by saying they end well, but I still don't enjoy when it happens. 
So then it happened again tonight.  Geh!

I love running with people, but it seems my random-ass schedule doesn't really lend itself to the triangulation necessary to make that happen very often.  (Speaking of which, I need a little more race action...)  And since nT is busy testing the limits of brain-training, that kinda leaves the dog.  C'mon dude, you're up to bat!

Now, how can I get him trained between now and tomorrow's run-? ;)

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