Monday, January 17, 2011

Tha Plan:

So.  Considering we're into the part of the year when there are actually races every weekend (because it's pleasant enough to be outside sometimes!), and it's still Janathon for another 2 weeks, I need to be a little careful in designing a plan that will take all the factors into account.  Thank god I'm feeling pretty recovered from yesterday, and I can actually get out and do another run today to stay in the game!

My goal for Disney is to set a new PR, and I think 2:30 would be a great one to hit next.  That means shaving off almost twenty minutes, bringing it up from a 4.63mph average to 5.24.  That's measurably faster than I've ever maintained, I'm pretty that calls for speedwork.  I'm thinking that's a good match for Janathon, since I can run faster but shorter and get out there more often without using up all my will to live.  (I mean, "using up all my glycogen"! How did that get in there?...)

So, here's my new plan.  Explanation (for noobs looking for random info, fanatical running beancounters, and thought-voyeurs) later!

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