Saturday, January 8, 2011

...And another non-actual one.

...but if this is taking the easy way out, I shor nuff haven't graduated from easy yet bc I'm sure I fell asleep at least twice today.  I went to a 2hr yoga workshop and then my run consisted of racing G to the car afterward, like .13 mile!  Why "should" I be so worn out? It's gotta be the food... and the fact that I missed my usual 4 acupuncture sessions this week.  It was all going so well, I...I figured I could just jump ship and swim to shore, I guess.  I have that pattern: things start working and before I've even finished acknowledging the fact I decide, "I don't need this anymore!", and then I've jettisoned the very thing I just realized was working.  Guess I better hold off on trying skydiving, I might be likely to cut my cords! 'I'm floating, it's working (*snip*) ahhhhhhhhhhhh......(poof)'

Anyway.  I'm still breathing, it's still Janathon, and there's my post.  Neener!

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