Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Wow, friends and neighbors, reality gets away from me too easily sometimes!

See, despite earlier (self-)encouragement and analysis, I honestly was starting to feel like kind of a sloth, with all my .1 and .2mi runs this week.  It wasn't until I was sitting in the bathroom (Just Visiting) looking at my lil medal display that I realized- the date on that last one was January 16.  That's not even 10 days away.  And even though a lot of them were short and excuse-ridden, I still got out there every damn day in between then and now, and even if I hadn't it seems kinda terrorist to think a week-old half marathoner would qualify for a Sloth moniker.

Clearly, I want the moon and stars.  Maybe that's a trait of this new zodiac sign I'm supposed to be, Cthulhu or whatever it is...(sure hope they rewrite those astrology books soon, so I can know how to act! ;f )

Update: sweet run, amigos!!  Garmin says I made 5.2mph average over my 2 miles, and even though that's not a blistering pace or a long run, it's way over my target average for this week and it felt like Running.  :)  It also said my best speed was 9mph, so I know I'm sampling the goal, it's riiiiiight- there!  Yay!  (Mmmm, tasty tasty endorphins! You love me, you reeeeally love me!...that's reason enough to run right there, ain't it?)

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