Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanks, Veggies

So I've gotten on the right side of the law with my stomach, it seems, and I think it's largely due to a dose of vegetables.  Which I've been lacking, despite trying to do this slow-carb thing Tim Ferris has been talking about; I seem to do just fine adding protein and legumes, but I keep getting distracted when it comes to actually adding the vegetables that should probably be the framework of the diet...Any rate I finally availed myself of some to counteract the cheesy comestibles and am doing much better.

On the running front, work has gotten in the way this weekend, but it's a problem I can't lament since it's been so long without much coming across...But I've had to be creative to wedge my Janathons in between pulling all-nighters and running around meeting clients and colleagues.  Tonight I strapped my shoes on and went right out the door during a break, and am now getting my blog in under the wire with 35 minutes to spare.  I'll definitely be glad when this is over, but I've learned a lot about how crafty I can be in pursuit of my determined sprees, and just how possible it is to fit things in when you don't make the criteria too strenuous.  A brisk walk? Sure.  How fast, how long, when, what to wear, will I have the garmin or the right shoes or music I don't know, but can I actually get out the door no matter what the day brings? Turns out, yes I can. 

And all with no better motivation than a medal I (still need to) make myself.  Not bad!

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