Friday, January 21, 2011

On a totally unrelated note:

I taught my son to make his first crank calls tonight.  Best night ever! He was crap at it bc he kept laughing and falling apart, but I have to say his accents were very good.  It suddenly occurred to me that with text and caller id and the ubiquity of cell phones, crank calling is an endangered pasttime, and if I didn't teach him it's possible no one would!  Amazing how the world's moved on, I guess...

We also took a leisurely stroll (well, not for the pigeons and ducks and geese we chased...) to the gf bakery down the block from us -- yes, I'm counting that for Janathon, watch's a rest day anyway! -- another endangered pasttime, I suppose!  I'm not sure if we've ever stopped to toss crumbs to birds and stayed to watch what they'd do...And when he fished a very mossy giant superball out of our 1-ft lake I'm sorry to say my first thought was, "ew, don't pick that up!"

But happy to say my next one was, "that's what your immune system is for."  And we took turns bouncing it as far as we could, all the way home.

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