Saturday, January 1, 2011

My lungs! They're buuuuurrniiing!

Update: yes, I got out the door, and yes, it's bitterly cold out here. Random article advising an indoor warmup: 1, me: 0. Or- me: 30, which is probably my core temperature right about now. Fuck!

Update 11:28p: wow.  Well, now I know what I'm in for when I miss the prime middle of the day.  Hats off (or on, strapped tightly down) to you'ns in colder climes who are toughing it out in much worse weather than this creampuff Zonie.  I got my mile in [1.1 to be precise!] and called for a ride. (Much love to nT for suiting up and trucking to the store!)  Day 1- check! Resolutions and Janathon thus far preserved!

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