Monday, January 10, 2011

Sudden dawning of realization

Oh hai! Yes, I'm the half marathon you all but forgot about!
Somehow, even with all the logisitcs and planning and what-time-should-we-hit-the-expo talk, I hadn't really internalized the idea of running 13 miles this weekend.  Can I put this in perspective right now?

I haven't run any further than 4 miles since Dec 5th.
I took half of the last month completely off.
I ate crap for at least three straight weeks over the holidays.
I've weighed a lot more, it's true, but I've also weighed a lot less than I do right now...
I pulled a calf muscle yesterday- again.
The unpulled calf is starting to cry from overcompensating (read: hunchback limp).
I've run every day for the last ten days--something I've literally never done before in life. (Read: tired much?)
Hot dogs are currently my go-to meat. (But, no bun! I've learned something in my travels! But- ketchup.  Maybe I haven't. :( )

Two words:  Over. Whelmed. 

Now, before anyone starts telling me to lay off or take it easy, take a few days off to rest or anything like that,

. .  .   .    .     (<----- my footsteps running away from your sound but unwelcome advice)

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