Sunday, January 2, 2011

Maybe I need a plan...

So today's 4mile run felt like no problem--but I realized that I only have two weeks till PF Chang's and I haven't run any farther than that since Vegas.  Mmmmm, I'm hoping to see that taking two weeks off gets me back stronger and better than ever, but if recent times are an indication, that ain't happening.

I've written a bunch of plans before (turns out I'm the Running-Plan Queen- not as much Runner Queen...), but none that involved running every day.  Let's go with: that's why Janathon's a challenge!...(right?)

So I'll probably get right on that, tomorrow.

Update:  instead of making a plan, I surfed the Half Fanatics website; it looks like I qualify for Neptune with Disney, the Women's, and Vegas already, but if I make it to Surf City or Hoover Dam I'll qualify for Uranus.  Ooooh, more things to accomplish!  More planning to run!...

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